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Lipitalia 2000 SpA, Cerere SpA, Shelling Srl

Pilot industrial facility for Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) breeding and processing for chitin, proteins and lipids extraction.

Leveraging global academic research for the inception, production and testing of unprecedented light engines and photoperiods for improving and standardizing the fly breeding phases.

Further information or images are not disclosable at this stage.

Experimental Greenhouse

Green Has Italia SpA

500+sqm research facility for nutrients testing. Adaptive natural/artificial lighting system.

Standardizing as much as possible the photosynthetic conditions, in order to remove variables from the analytical testing process.

Growth & Analysis Chamber

Green Has Italia SpA

From our Client’s website:

“The growth chamber is at the heart of our activity. It is an indispensable instrument for rapid agronomic screening. The chamber can be controlled so as to recreate varied conditions, in terms of temperature, relative humidity and photoperiods.

This provides advantages in the study and selection of new products in terms of knowledge, quality and development.

Green Has Italia’s growth chamber encapsulates the most contemporary illumination technology thanks to its variable LED spectrum. This system allows for selective spectrum emission, concentrated in tight wave lengths and calibrated to the photosynthetic needs of each plant. […]

The system is also fitted with 30 fixed cameras.

Hourly photography provides continual observation of all phases of vegetal growth.”


Politecnico di Torino
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Ambientale e del Territorio

Microalgae are rapidly becoming a disruptive bio-product to be used in extremely profitable markets, such as research, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and biofuels –among others.

meg’s Phycotrone has been specifically designed to be used in a research and laboratory scale as a microalgae growth platform.

It performs growth sequences in different volume scales and/or conditions, giving back critical information for:

• Colture’s development parametrization;
• Industrial scale-up setup.

The way for understanding both algae and their development.